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How to obtain bitcoin gold

how to obtain bitcoin gold

others. For AMD, contents, for AMD, you will utilize Claymores Miner. . The Ledger split feature is showing a zero BTG balance because all you BTG remains still in the addresses in your Electrum wallet.

I assume I won't be able to claim Bitcoin gold for the amount that was on Coinbase.
So my question it, how do I obtain my Bitcoin Gold now that my Bitcoin is on my Ledger Nano S?
How do I mine Bitcoin Gold?
You can solo mine BTG using the full node client or you can mine with a pool.
Some public mining pools that have worked with.

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Now open the config. If your BTC was in your Electrum wallet at the time of the fork, then all those addresses, their balances, and corresponding private keys are exactly duplicated on the BTG fork. This will prevent you from having any errors with virtual memory. The choices for Bitcoin Gold mining pools are: For this guide we will use the BTG Pool Pro. Moving your BTC to ledger after the fork does nothing to the duplicated BTG. Once extracted we can configure the miner by editing the config file to set our Bitcoin Gold address, as well as set our mining pool. BlueStacks, forex symbols list an android emulator. You can also look up the statistics of your miners on the pool website that youre using by inputting your public address into the mining pools webpage. For ewbfs mining software, we will be configuring the t file. The benefit of this is that Equihash is asic resistant, therefore mineable with a regular. Your BTG all remains on the addresses that correspond to the private keys in your Electrum wallet. You need the private keys from your Electrum wallet to claim your BTG.