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Will bitcoin cash

will bitcoin cash

adjustments at this time. Recent mining data for bitcoin cash indicates that CoinGeek has more than a third of total mining power assigned to bitcoin. That is, BIP 148 wont split the network and bitcoin will continue as a single chain.

Bitcoin Cash will be much easier to mine after the difficulty adjustments, and we may get some relatively fast blocks (2.5 minutes or less) until we hit block 479,808. Two bitcoin cash software clients Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV are the main players in this debate. At stake are several planned upgrades which will determine bitcoin cashs future course. The metrics used include items such as Twitter followers, Reddit subscribers, coin community, the cost of a 51 attack, the number of developers. For readers in other countries, Let me look up (your) markets and post a suggestion.

Getting Started, view More, where do I store my Bitcoin Cash? This will slow down the bitcoin blockchain significantly. (Part of what caused crazy volatility during the Zcash launch was that so few exchanges supported it during the first few days.). Because the bitcoin network is already enforcing BIP 91, this should be a non-event. More adventurous exchanges are preparing to list Bitcoin Cash as a separate asset, though this presents its own problems. For a more detailed outline of SegWit activation, read our full guide here. Most scenarios result in something close to 10-minute block times provided the hash power stays constant.

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