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Accept bitcoin donations on website

accept bitcoin donations on website

for dollars, euros, pesos or other currency. You shouldnt spend lots of time thinking about Bitcoin, and deciding whether or not to accept it shouldnt take up a considerable amount of your time or energy. The first allows you to get a dollar amount in exchange for what the price of Bitcoin currently. Click on the Payment Gateways tab and enable the GoURL Bitcoin /Altcoin Gateway.

accept bitcoin donations on website

But if you do that, youve got to pretend youve already lost your money. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with Bitcoin in 2018. Store your Bitcoins in any wallet you want, and use them as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Contact Us, learn More, interested in using BitPay to accept blockchain donations for your organization? Once you click Save your keys will appear. This would mean that all of the income from the BTCs would go direct to the blogger. Bitcoin to accept it as a form of payment. That makes this method ideal for websites that only need to accept Bitcoin payments from time to time, or that see small sales volumes. This currency is also well suited for sites that need to receive international payments, since its much faster than bank transfers from one country to another.

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