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What is bitcoin futures mean

what is bitcoin futures mean

risk management at this exchange. . Introducing futures contracts changes this market, namely in two ways: Large institutional investors can directly trade financial investments directly tied rand forex exchange rate to the value of bitcoin. Okex released this statement on August 3rd explaining that a very large trade occurred, that it had losses that surpassed the exchanges' obligation to support, so they are enacting "the societal loss risk management mechanism.". I have worked with the CME in the past on product development (specifically CDS futures) and from my experience, they would not have missed anything this simple. .

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Whether this will happen straight away is yet to be seen but I would hazard a guess that large investors will likely approach with caution, setting aside only a small fraction of their portfolio. Guest analysis by Cameron Bowen. Looking forward to 2018, given what we have said, expectations are likely for yet more volatility with the introduction of the CMEs contract on 18 December, however, in the new year do not be surprised to see bitcoins price action begin to mimic other traditional. The second point highlighted is a very serious threat to the continued growth of bitcoin. According to the okex statement, the risk management team 'immediately' contacted the client to reduce the size of the trade - begging the question - how did their risk management system allow the trade to occur in the first place? . This Reduces their risk to any slippage or market variations that might have occurred in a market with less liquidity. What is the driver behind this recent bitcoin momentum? Okex Bitcoin who has the most bitcoins in the world Futures Debacle Will Attract Scrutiny (Shutterstock). With this in mind there is still room for bitcoin to behave erratically but once the market is more accustomed to there being futures contracts, we will likely begin to see the volatility curb and it behave in a similar way to other asset classes.

what is bitcoin futures mean