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Forex traders use the cot report

forex traders use the cot report

short report shows an open interest separately for reportable and nonreportable positions. These guys manage money for their clients and are highly profit driven. But in any case, basing ones assumptions on strong fundamental reasons, rather than the positioning of any group in any market is the course of prudence. This is supply and demand in play. Change in Open Interest from the previous week. The entry must be determined by using other technical price action signals. From time to time, the Commission will raise or lower pvc forex board the reporting levels in specific markets to strike a balance between collecting sufficient information to oversee the markets and minimizing the reporting burden on the futures industry.

There are potentially many ways to use the COT Report for analyzing a forex pair.
The Commitment of, traders report from the futures market.
Before we dive into how to use the Commitment of, traders report as a forex trader, you have to first know where to go to get the COT report and HOW to read.

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These are marked with the horizontal red line. Remember, the volume of money placed on one side of the market will tip the price towards that direction. There might be less than five signals per year across major FX crosses once they unfold, they are highly reliable and allow the trader to stay in the position for the mid to long term. And if everyone is short a currency, who is left to sell? Who qualifies for cftc reporting. This is important especially when important news is due to be released. This is where cftc reports data on major markets including: commodities, currencies, indices. The method of the market analysis using the Commitments of Traders Report can be considered as fundamental analysis. The smallest contract they allow to trade is 125,000.

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