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Best time to tweet about forex

best time to tweet about forex

is more has never been as accurate as it is in the Forex market. These pairs typically offer the best bang for your buck in terms of offering the most movement with the tightest spreads. There are four advantages to trading these higher time frames. As you can see, the data from Buffer and CoSchedule conflict in this area, so the timeframe you could tweet for engagement is huge. And as we know, the most obvious price action setups are the most favorable setups to trade. For any clarification on this or the other research throughout this article, feel free to leave a comment and well get right back to you. I found that it might be useful to remove these segments from the data.

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If You Just Want to Tweet When Everyone Else Is Doing. Theres a reason why traders who trade the lower time frames use the higher time frames to identify support and resistance levels. . The early morning hours were when tweets received the most clicks, on average, in several of the time zones we analyzed. One of the few analysts I recommend following. He is charities accepting bitcoin donations one of the few educators who posts the results of all his trades inside his members area. Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin, etc.

My interview with him can be found here. Imagine removing all guesswork when you schedule your tweets, knowing the best times to experiment with tweeting for maximum clicks and maximum engagement.