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bitcoin bot github

Bitstamp/Bitfinex: -0.19 target.80, min -0.19, max -0.19 Gemini/Bitfinex: -1.07 target.80, min -1.07, max -1.07 10/31/2015 08:32:48 Bitfinex: 325.21 / 325.58 OKCoin: 326.04 / 326.10 Bitstamp: 325.39 / 325.68 Gemini: 325.50 / 328. Virtualenv/bin/activate cointrol-trader Note, until trading is configured and the cointrol_DO_trade settings set to True (covered in a later step the trader won't make any transactions. Otherwise, the amount defined by TestedExposure will be used. Warning: with this value, the system can exit with a loss so It's recommended to use a large value. The UI uses a single persistent WebSocket connection. Once you have downloaded the source code, build Blackbird by typing: cmake -B./build -H.

Arbitrage : profit from price differences between 2 exchanges (done "on the books" with balances on both exchanges, no withdrawals from exchanges required). Shorting is not currently supported. This feature offers two important advantages: The strategy is always market-neutral: the Bitcoin market's moves (up or down) don't impact the strategy returns. Here is a real example where an arbitrage opportunity exists between Bitstamp (long) and Bitfinex (short At the first vertical line, the spread between the exchanges is high so Blackbird buys Bitstamp and short sells Bitfinex.

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Timelapse in seconds of an iteration. Virtualenv/bin/activate # Get the code git clone m/jakubroztocil/cointrol # Create a local settings file echo 'from.settings_dev import # Install Python requirements pip install -r # Initialize the database cointrol/ migrate # Install cointrol-* pip install -e./cointrol.2 Build the single-page app web client and install. YOU ARE responsible FOR your OWN money. Use this convenient link to log in: the Django admin interface is used for authentication, and this link ensures redirection back to the app after signing you. It can be for the fixed (fixed price points in USD are used as buy/sell triggers) or the relative (percentage of the initial BTC price are used) strategy. Single user/Bitstamp account is supported, only one active trading session at a time. Installation git clone m/Ekliptor/WolfBot yarn install, you can use the -production flag if you only want to run the bot and not make any code changes. Use the build directory as the working directory and run: node app.