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Bitcoin xbt live price

bitcoin xbt live price

final settlement date is a CFE holiday, the final settlement date shall be the business day immediately preceding the holiday. Only BitMEX has the "Perpetual Contract a high-leverage contract that never expires! Up to 100x leverage. (G) The XBT Reference Price for a single leg XBT futures Contract shall be determined in the following manner when it is initially listed for trading: (1) The XBT Reference Price that will be utilized for a single leg XBT futures Contract when it is initially listed. (2) The CFE System will not consummate the execution of any trade that is at a price that is more than the Upper Price Limit or that is less than the Lower Price Limit. All times referenced are Chicago time. Pricing Conventions: Prices are stated in decimal format. The minimum Block Trade quantity for the XBT futures contract is 50 contracts if there is only one leg involved in the trade. (E) Price Limits will also apply to XBT Spread Orders in that each leg of an XBT Spread Order will be subject to the applicable Upper Price Limit and Lower Price Limit for that individual leg and may not be executed at a price that. Participate in market rallies declines for only a fraction of the coin price, with no margin calls / liquidation price. Trading Platform: CFE System, minimum Price Intervals:.00 points USD/XBT (equal.00 per contract).

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bitcoin xbt live price

Termination of Trading: Trading hours for expiring XBT futures contracts end at 2:45.m. Price Limits: (i) XBT futures contracts are subject to price limits during regular and extended trading hours pursuant to CFE Rule 1302(i). Under Article XII, Section 5(c 2) of the OCC By-laws, OCC would fix the final settlement price based on its judgment of what is appropriate for the protection of investors and the public interest, taking into account such factors as fairness to buyers and sellers. Eastern time on the final settlement date. Enter reversal and hit "Enter" or, auto Select, settings, done, edit Settings. XBT, a speculative Bitcoin Perpetual with up to 100x leverage, no expiry, and low fees! On its final settlement date. (2) For any single leg XBT futures Contract for which the most recent daily settlement price was established on an earlier calendar day than the calendar day of the start of that Business Day, the XBT Reference Price will be the first trade price of that. In accordance with Policy and Procedure III, the Trade Desk will determine what the true market price for the relevant forex market watch online Contract was immediately before the potential error trade occurred.

bitcoin xbt live price

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