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Weiss cryptocurrency ratings bitcoin

weiss cryptocurrency ratings bitcoin

scores for security and widespread adoption, said Weiss. Those with B- ratings include bitcoin, ethereum, iota, Ripple and steem, among others. You can read all about what goes into our ratings model on our website.

Weiss cryptocurrency ratings bitcoin
weiss cryptocurrency ratings bitcoin

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Now in June, Dan Larimer. But the market suffers from lax standards, murky operators, marketing hype, and periodic market crashes. Another Good Reason Investors, can Get Excited About the Project. Result: Bitcoin is on its way to becoming a true digital gold. The company explained that storing bitcoin, unlike storing gold, is not expensive, and in addition, can be transferred easily and verifiably, is safe and is not controlled by any government. Others comment and vote on what they like. But it is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs. Before investing any amount in an active crypto find out and research from several sources, to have several points of view. I wont waste time telling you about all the factors that make up our Technology Index and Fundamental Index (where EOS scores well on most). Another possible hiccup: Several organizations may decide to launch their own versions of the EOS platform, making it harder for some investors to ascertain what the real platform. Just 14 of the cryptos graded by Weiss landed grades of B or B- while 54 received C ratings.

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