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Forex trading trends macro meso microsoft

forex trading trends macro meso microsoft

and other leveraged products involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Essentially, it gives you a sneak peek at what the Big players are doing with their holdings; are they increasing or decreasing their positions, and in certain times that could be a very powerful information. On the other hand, the Macro speculator doesnt need to be an economist. If you have a discrepancy between the price and the indicator a divergence is identified. These are the people that were able to identify the key Fundamental drivers and Macro developments way before the crowd. Since currency reflects countrys economic state, then when trading the EUR/USD pair, we actually trade the European and United States economies. This gave the basis of divergence theory and was soon developed into a trading system on its own.

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When trading the micro-events (news trading you can initiate a trade solely on one isolated event. Getting back to our EUR/USD sell example. Who are the participants, who are these Big players? Before deciding to trade forex and commodity futures, you should carefully consider your financial objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. In Summary Macro trader analyzes the big picture and finds the dominant trends that could affect the marketplace place in the near future, and cause gradual Institutional money flow over a lengthy period of time. For example an Unemployment release, or Consumer spending numbers, or GDP, Non-Farm payrolls and etc. Currently supported instruments: eurusd (Euro / US Dollar gbpusd (British Pound / US Dollar usdjpy (US Dollar / Japanese bfx baron forex education & consulting tunisie Yen usdcad (US Dollar/ Canadian Dollar usdchf (US Dollar /Swiss Franc audusd (Australian Dollar / US Dollar nzdusd (New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar eurgbp (Euro. There are many potential global macro factors that can cause markets to move in one direction for lengthy periods of time. Macro speculators have to understand and foresee the actions of big players like Central Banks, Governments, the World Trade Organization and opec. The victory heralds a remarkable turnaround in Citis global foreign exchange business over the past five years. It also requires longer holding periods and wider stop placements on your trading positions. Here is a quick memo on Divergence : Divergence is actually an old concept which was observed and then introduced by Charles Dow, he even mentioned it in his Dow Tenets.

Two groups that we should be interested in are: Commercial speculators. Most retail traders dont realize, there are plenty of opportunities on longer trading time frames, all you need is patience. For example, if  I own an Ethanol producing business, I need sugarcane to actually produce the fuel. Now, the country needs to import the raw material from other nations like Mexico, United States, India. They have to hedge their inventory by purchasing long contracts in the Futures market. This discrepancy between the actual price and the net positions of the Commercial Specs, or we can use the positions of the Large Specs; since they mirror each other, is called a Divergence.

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