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Copay bitcoin cash address converter

copay bitcoin cash address converter

that supports the Bitcoin Cash block chain. For BCH payment requests, the network field will be set to bitcoincash. When generating a BCH URI, addresses will be specified using the new address formats. This article is now outdated and only applies to BitPay and Copay wallet versions before.12.1. Payment URIs, we will use the new protocol specifier bitcoincash: for payment URIs. The best part of this change is that these new Cash Addresses or twitch bitcoin q Addresses are backwards compatible - meaning, any wallet which currently does not support the new address format can still send funds to the new address format wallets by obtaining the legacy. If you see a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address which either starts with ' q ' or ' bitcoincash:q ' it means that this is a new address format for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets. Please try again later.

copay bitcoin cash address converter

Did this answer your question? BitPay recently launched a public beta for Bitcoin Cash support in our. Thanks for the feedback There was a problem submitting your feedback. If you are having trouble sending to a Cash Address from Exodus, you may need to upgrade Exodus. All BitPay software, including block explorers, will use these new address versions.

Update: As of, version.46.0, Exodus now supports the new BCH Cash address format. Now that Exodus supports Cash addresses, this guide is here for the purpose of education. Conversely, we will offer a means of creating a BCH URI using a BTC address to receive a payment from a wallet or service that has not yet adopted these new conventions. I need to convert legacy Bitcoin Cash addresses to new format and back. Does anyone know a library? This would allow our wallet software to send BCH to an address obtained from a wallet or exchange that does not yet support these new conventions. The change in address format was done by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development team to prevent users bitcoin miner malware removal from sending Bitcoin (BTC) funds to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets and vice versa since both the coins had the same address format until the recent change by Bitcoin.

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