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Is bitcoin a bad investment

is bitcoin a bad investment

value will only continue to rise over time, just like it has year after year since the beginning. That scenario is laughable in the prepper playbook. But to invest in something as random and speculative as bitcoins? At least 50 of whom were already worth over 100 million before they got into Bitcoin (and a few were billionaires). Remember when oil prices were resulting in record gasoline prices at the pump due to those nasty speculators? Ive cited the downsides and absurdity in throwing your net worth behind gold planned bitcoin forks 2019 before (which, by the way, is down 7 on the year versus a 9 gain in the S P500 or if you want to go back a full year, same thing plus.

 Just this week alone, there was a runup and then a crash when hackers attacked a major exchange and investors sold in herd-like fashion.  Dont piss away your hard earned money on an internet hoax.

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Bitcoin itself is simply a store of value. Weve seen how thats worked out recently. Youll never take physical possession of one, theres very little history and what little history exists isnt even a viable context in which to judge future returns. Absolutely, but this is always the case with anything new. How good are the evangelists? Like all stores of value and collectibles, Bitcoin is a religion. We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet. That is over 100x the price of where BTC is today. After all, the whole system was set up years ago by who-knows and theres no ongoing security measures, adjusting to an ever-evolving hacking environment, etc. However, with bitcoins?

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