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Bitcoin exit scam

bitcoin exit scam

its BitConnect X ICO continues to be active. Vigilante Justice, victims of the collapse (and people with too much time forex market opening time countdown on their hands) have already formed. Users were questioning MapleChanges legitimacy as early as June, as seen in this bitcointalk forum thread requesting more information on the exchange.

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Left late forum talk because have issue with my comment that warn everybody of the scam exit exchange developer. But prior to this, there was also another hint that something was awry. They have even posted pictures that he used on Social media accounts, and the Plenty of Fish free dating website. Or so paiement bitcoin paypal the information provided on the website suggested. Indeed, the company relied on an aggressive marketing strategy on all fronts. In fact, the last venue was where the notorious BitConnect meme was born. The initial announcement of the bug and hack, states that MapleChange are in the process of a thorough investigation. With release of your entire active loan in the lending wallet we are transferring all your lending wallet balance to your BitConnect wallet balance at 363.62 USD sic. Both filings insisted BitConnect was running a potentially fraudulent operation, implicating the company in a series of violations.

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