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go bitcointalk

links, thats what signatures are for. And if you didnt sell your coins, your marketplace will be forgotten. Or just marketing during events? Our advisors will help us with the Tokemonics, the integration of blockchain in our projects, with business consulting, marketing, listing on the exchanges, expansion of our contacts and with the attraction of big ICO contributors. It does not have any legal benefits or smth. As far as I see ur project is focused only on B2B market. Very rarely the topic goes viral and catches active discussion. For more information check our website or contact us at: Email: Skype: filip. It seems very interesting and promising.

The pre-sale and the sale were a blast, only because of you. This thread has some solid security protocols. When you post your announcement, make sure its done to the correct section. And the best thing about it is that it's coming soon! With 2,1 million registered members and 39 million topics. Having in mind all of this, you now understand why Bitcointalk is so important for us and as the most prominent place for ICOs, we would like to maintain an excellent profile of our ANNs. Project is really promising.