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Bitcoin cash fork 13 november

bitcoin cash fork 13 november

members of the development team are now in touch with exchanges, wallets and miners in an attempt to raise awareness for the proposal. In order to help alleviate these problems, BCH developers have tended to implement Emergency Difficulty Adjustments (EDAs). There will be a few more days of testing different potential solutions. The idea is that difficulty would be adjusted quickly, in response to real-time miner activity. If you spot any issues in your own use of the app, please report them on our BitPay and Copay issues page. We want your feedback! This needs to be addressed in a better way. Teething Problems, since its inception, BCH has experienced serious issues regarding its difficultly adjustment algorithm and these issues have threatened to bring the network to a standstill. Hard forks have suddenly become pretty common in the world of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash: Hard Fork Planned for Better EDA on Nov Bitcoin Cash Fork Scheduled for November 13 CoinCodex

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Each proposal consists mostly of mathematical formulas that facilitate the reaching of a stable block interval of 600 seconds via a flexible difficulty algorithm that represents a good trade off between flexibility and stability. This is problematic now because it prevents consistently fast confirmations for users, and radically shifts the coin issuance schedule, the post reads. The last thing we need is more clones of Bitcoin itself. As a result, there are several proposals by developers to make Bitcoin Cash better. The initial EDA choice has backfired a bit, which prompts some big changes. This should make the hard fork go as smoothly as possible. However, this method proved unsuccessful in its ability to stabilize block intervals. Fork image via Shutterstock. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin Cash, that much is certain.