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Bitcoin manipulation cartel

bitcoin manipulation cartel

stated that, Blockchain technoology providing cybersecurity and many other potential benefits broke into the mainstream in 2017 driven by widespread interest and surging valuations in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Only influential cartel who can benefit by creating a FUD would do this. Then, ask them if they have a bar of solid gold thats verifiable. What you are seeing since Mid-2017 is just the 1st inning of 9 innings Bitcoin game. Reason #2 The author appears to have a fundamental lack of understanding of how gold works Despite the fact that the world has moved away a gold standard, gold is still considered to have inherent value. See this recent news in the Gold futures market: Jan 29, 2018 cftc Files Eight Anti-Spoofing Enforcement Actions against Three Banks (Deutsche Bank, hsbc UBS) Six Individuals for spoofing with respect to certain futures products in Gold and other precious metals traded on the Commodity Exchange. Many countries are still evaluated by their stores of value namely, gold. Once 10K was broken the Cartel took over and started shoring Bitcoin like hell. I see they want a lower price. I strongly feel.

bitcoin manipulation cartel

This means that one is simply trading the spot price of a real asset without having to transfer the actual asset. To insist that a drawdown from that price required price suppression is absurd, to say the least. More at my twitter @Super_Crypto a response written to this article Interested in access more free crypto analysis, resources and information like this? Why not put all their resources behind supporting a competing coin like Bitcoin Cash in order to create more confusion/disintegration among the community? See what happened Crypto Exchange OKEx on Mar-302018? Cartel, the 4th dimension of the market. (See one month before and after CME ). The reason it was not suppressed in 1974 was A) there was no need to since Gold was just decoupled from USD in 1971 B) US did not have Debt of 21 Trillion that time. With such a high viewership and apparent secretive knowledge, I was thoroughly prepared to be introduced to one of the biggest bombshells in crypto history. Its Price-Suppression (not Manipulation ).

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